Rally Royale Partners




We are pleased to have Shell Oman Marketing partnering with Rally Royale to support the Oman Grand Tour. Shell Oman has offered access to its extensive network of retail service stations both for free petrol for our drivers, and for promoting the tour in Oman. We’re very excited to have such a prestigious and globally recognised brand, and look forward to working with the Shell team to promote Oman as a destination for great driving. MORE ABOUT SHELL OMAN MARKETING



Visiting a new and unfamiliar place is always made a lot easier when friendly faces open their doors and offer help! That was our experience with the UKTI team in Muscat. When we shared our plans, they were right there giving advice, sharing contacts and helping us get our heads around the nuances of Omani civil society. We look forward to working with the team there as we move forward. MORE ABOUT THE UK EMBASSY IN OMAN



As we come ever closer to the Oman Grand Tour, word of mouth is spreading through our partners and ambassadors. We especially appreciate that this award-winning attraction is promoting the Oman Grand Tour to a selection of its community. The Beaulieu Museum is a motor museum for families and motor enthusiasts holding prestigious events such as ‘Simply Porsche’ and ‘Morgans in the Forest’.  MORE ABOUT THE BEAULIEU MUSEUM


QUINTEL International Intelligence

Quintel offers Rally Royale and its community access to its extensive network of operators providing regional intelligence, physical security as well as special operations where discretion is paramount. As an advisor to our team, Major General (Rtd) John Holmes is chairman of Quintel International Intelligence. He has many decades of experience servicing High Net Worth Individuals and large corporations.   MORE ABOUT QUINTEL 



We are working closely with the Oman Ministry of Tourism, who are offering logistical support as well as their expertise and contacts around the world. The ministry is responsible for developing an excellent profile for Oman. They see Rally Royale’s Grand Tour of Oman as an excellent promotional opportunity for their country.MORE ABOUT OMAN MINISTRY OF TOURISM



Many thanks and gratitude to our lead partner Knightsbridge Connexxions. Their team have been instrumental in the development of the Rally Royale brand and marketing strategy. They are well versed in media communication and have excellent contacts on the ground in the luxury publishing and media arena in the UK, Oman and the GCC. Connexxions have access to videographers and professional scriptwriters and journalists, and will liaise between sponsors, the event and international media. MORE ABOUT CONNEXXIONS

Amouage logo Oman Grand Tour


Amouage fragrances have reflected the wonderful heritage and mastery of perfume creation for over 30 years. As an international luxury fragrance brand, Amouage is devoted to creating finely blended perfumes with the highest quality of rare and luxurious ingredients sourced from around the world. Led by CEO David Crickmore, Amouge adopts an inventive and highly creative approach to all its creations. Together with Creative Director Christopher Chong, they have reinvented Amouage and developed it into a contemporary and globally appealing luxury brand. Today Amouage is a truly international luxury brand, with undeniable creative integrity and a growing standalone retail presence. Rally Royale has partnered with Amouage to promote our shared values of creativity, innovation, excellence and heritage. MORE AROUT AMOUAGE 



The accumulation of Mixed Plastic Waste in landfill and oceans is reaching colossal and dangerous proportions. Our friends at Recycling Technology are creating a machine, the RT7000, that can convert Mixed Plastic Wasted into Plaxx™, a valuable Hydrocarbon not dissimilar to refined oil which is expected to enter the market as valuable feedstock. This is a hugely exciting project which Rally Royale wants everyone to know about! We believe that one day quite soon, we’ll be driving our cars with recycled plastic waste reclaimed from the land and cleaning up the oceans.  Contact Rally Royale for a personal introduction, or WEBSITE


Bespoke Handling
Bespoke Handling specialises in the classic car transport market, with 30 years of experience and a reputation to match. People we know have used them and always recommend them, saying that the service is professional, trackable and competitively priced. VISIT

Charles Kendall Freight

Charles Kendall Freight is at the heart of bespoke supply chain management solutions. Since 1954, they have transported a vast range of cargo across the world, including sensitive, hazardous and military freight.  VISIT

PATHFINDER Trade and Invest

Pathfinder Trade and Invest was set up by Michael Thomas and colleagues to promote and facilitate trade and investment with global growth markets. Their focus is to assist with developing exports worldwide, and open to all businesses.   VISIT

Oman World Tourism

Issa Sultan Al Ismaili, our Advisor in Oman, is one of Oman’s own – a gentleman with a deep love for his country and passionate about travel. Issa’s wealth of experience offers Rally Royale a unique insight into beautiful Oman.  VISIT

Lap 63 by Ludovic A ParayreLAP63

Led by Ludovic Parayre since 2010, LAP63 represents Ludovic’s lifetime ambition to offer a great selection of cars and motorbikes which he believes their new owners will use and enjoy with passion and excitement.  VISIT


Our friends at Oman International Trade Fairs have been very helpful on the ground in Muscat providing Rally Royale with an opportunity to exhibit in their  ITHS event in December 2014.  VISIT

571-KCW-TODAYKensington Chelsea & Westminster Today

We’re pleased to support this quality local newspaper serving the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Suggest you look out for their motoring supplement. VISIT

bespoke rallies logo john brigdenBESPOKE RALLIES

Bespoke Rallies has more than 14 years’ experience organising rallies round the world, including endurance events such as The Himalaya  Rally, The Tiger  Rally, The Maya Rally and the Cuba Rally. VISIT


Specialising in Europe, Thomas Brimblecombe offers in-depth experience of events such as Angouleme’s Circuit des Remparts, Classic Le Mans, Monaco Historique, Grand Prix de Pau Historique, the Mille Miglia and Algarve Historic. VISIT


Our good friend Graham Davies runs this premium member based organisation delivering memorable experiences in and around London — a mix of luxury brands that span many different sectors.  VISIT 

michael scott's 96 Club logo96 CLUB

Michael is a passionate car enthusiast with a particular soft spot for The Prancing Horse. He’s an ideas generator and networker. No event is too ambitious for Michael once he sets his mind to it. He is also the founder of the 96 Club.VISIT

Suffolk Jaguar LogoSUFFOLK JAGUAR

Since 1990, Roger Williams has dedicated his career to building reproduction Jaguars. His workshop produces faithfully rendered C-type and SS100 vehicles with period mechanical parts fitted into new chassis and dimensionally accurate bodywork. VISIT


 A magazine and corporate publisher specialising in luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Aston Martin, we have worked closely with the director, Berthold Dörrich, to develop the story of Rally Royale in Europe. VISIT


With a passion for watches and cars, Raidillon combine their passions into engineering Swiss-made watches. By partnering with Rally Royale, Raidillon spread awareness of their exquisite timepieces to drivers of prestigious cars. VISIT


An ambassador for Rally Royale, Studio 434 has a fantastic collection of heritage vehicles. We are hoping to work together on future joint projects. VISIT


We see a synergy between the services B&Y offer and our Rally Royale community. We are very thankful for the support of B&Y and look forward to working with them in the future. VISIT