Oman Grand Tour 2015 Media Plan



This document has been prepared for potential sponsors and partners to Rally Royale and its related events.

A compelling story

The planned activities of Rally Royale provide compelling stories that will reach a wide audience around the world before, during and after the event. Together with our media partners, associates and ambassadors, we have prepared a scheduled media programme.

A commitment to local, regional and international awareness

The Oman Ministry of Tourism fully supports Rally Royale’s Oman Grand Tour and has committed to put its full media and logistical support behind our inaugural event.

Systematic press releases will be sent using both our media contacts to cover the whole tour. Additionally, press and national television channel broadcasters in Sultanate of Oman and the region will be invited to meet participants and broadcast selected parts of the tour live.

Furthermore, the representative offices, and PR companies of our partners, in UK and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, France, Scandinavian countries, Belgium and Luxembourg, GCC (United Arab Emirates and KSA) and India will actively broadcast the event in social media such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and in the international newspapers.

Our publishing and social media partners will continue to broadcast regular bulletins and updates on the event. Rally Royale itself has an extensive community of interest of around 10,000 recipients to its regular blogs and mailings.

Media Strategy: focused on targeted outcomes


A. Promotional goals

  • Event, Partner and Sponsor visibility to international community
  • Access new markets and be visible to new customers
  • Provide mutually beneficial brand association

B. Primary messages

To promote:

  1. The values of the event
  2. Partner and sponsor brands
  3. The culture and heritage of the region
  4. Oman as the premier destination for luxury holidays
  5. The region’s love of iconic cars and luxury
  6. Messages that inspire local, regional and international engagement

C. Stories for bringing primary messages home

  1. The premier iconic vehicles event in the region
  2. The country and its people
  3. Best of British luxury brands
  4. The spirit of adventure
  5. Royalty’s love of cars
  6. The cultural and natural heritage of the region
  7. Roads against dramatic scenic backdrop
  8. Activities and attractions
  9. Luxury and lifestyle
  10. The woman behind Rally Royale

D. Specific outcomes

  1. Documentary for live broadcast television.
  2. Editorial articles before during and after the event
  3. Media partners committed to following the story
  4. Commitment of journalist to follow and develop the story
  5. Viral activity on social media
  6. Promotional video for viral distribution
  7. Bloggers covering the story
  8. Newspaper headlines
  9. Key journalists and photographers joining the rally
  10. Local, regional and international coverage
  11. Lead articles in luxury, automobile and travel magazines

E. Geographic regional focus

  1. Primary: UK, Oman, UAE
  2. Secondary: Europe, GCC, USA and Australasia
  3. Tertiary: Rest of World

F. Audience

  1. High net-worth owners and collectors of classic cars
    Typically age 40+, predominantly male, however, we will be also developing a dialogue with women drivers.
  2. Audience of automobile media Typically male dominated. 
  3. Readers of Luxury magazines Typically female audience.
  4. Local dignitaries, government officials and business community CEO’s, Senior executives, owners, entrepreneurs, officials.
  5. The general public and car enthusiasts Broad audience.

G. Promotional Phases

There are three main promotional phases:

  1. Phase 1. PRE-EVENT
  2. Phase 2. DURING EVENT
  3. Phase 3. POST EVENT

H. Promotion options

  1. Partner promotional activity (i.e. Ministry of Tourism, OAA, MEA etc)
  2. Media promotional activity (i.e. Air Magazine, Octane, World Traveller, Oman TV etc)
  3. Speaker and guests at the Gala ceremony
  4. Features in event publications, websites, social media
  5. Product placement in the Grand Tour media
  6. Anchor event for launch of product or service