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The organisers

The team behind Rally Royale is made up of a core group with vast experience in long distance rallies, tour operation, project management and marketing, as well as partners and tour operators on the ground in Oman. We have strong links with in country partners such as the Ministry for Tourism in Oman, and the Oman Automobile Association and Dubai Automobile Touring Club, together with the UKTI teams in Oman, all of whom are providing logistical support.

Who is Rally Royale for?

Rally Royale is for owner-drivers who want to experience incredible driving conditions in magical landscapes. We unite luxury classes of period cars with premium lifestyle experiences. If you love to explore new places, be inspired by culture, history and nature – or you just love driving – then this tour is for you. Above all this is your chance to awaken your senses to all that a region like Arabia offers.

The Road Book

For full service rallies, our entrants will be supplied with comprehensive route and waypoints in the Road-book. Each day’s activities and location information will be supplied in a detailed information pack. The book will contain a route description with key landmarks, maps, distances, fuel stops, hotels, local interests, schedule of joint activities, overnight stop information, service information and specific on-event details and timings.

The routes

Routes are based on the following criteria:

  • Suitability for the planned vehicles
  • Maximising enjoyment of driving
  • Comfortable driving distances (typically not more than 5 hours drive in any one day)
  • Variety of landscape, road and points of interest
  • Premium or high quality of accommodation and food

As an example, our Weeklong Muscat Grand Tour features highlights of Oman’s capital city, surrounding mountains and coastal route. The itinerary includes five days of touring and public displays, visits to historic venues and a spectacular Gala hosted by the Ministry of Tourism.

NOTE: A 20-day tour (scheduled for Autumn 2016) is also being planned. This starts in Salalah where drivers will collect their cars before the reception celebrations with local dignitaries. After exploring surrounding areas, we will proceed north along Oman’s spectacular coastal road. Along the way, we’ll do one night in the desert, a night in Duqm, and then conclude the first leg of our rally on Masirah Island where we will spend two days relaxing and exploring the area, the beaches, and the turtles.

The second leg of the 2016 journey takes us to Wahiba Desert Camp, Jebel Akhdar, Nizwa and to the historic city of Muscat where our friends in the British embassy will introduce us to local Omanis. From Muscat to Khasab we will take the high-speed twin-hulled SeaCat wining and dining and viewing the incredible vista.

In the third leg of our journey we will stay in Mussandam to sail on a dhow, a traditional ancient trading vessel, dolphin-spotting. Finally we will drive across the border into the UAE, where we finish our journey in Dubai with a gala, celebrating in style

Further details for the route can be found in our e-brochure. The final route shall not be published, but is available to genuine expressions of interest.

Service Vehicles

Qualified mechanic together with service vehicle are typically on hand during the tours.

For instance, a fully equipped service vehicle will join the 2016 20-day tour. The service vehicle/s will follow the Road Book. Mechanics specialising in heritage vehicles will be following the rally, and are available for free support and maintenance. Limited parts and components will be taken on route. Arrangements with local premium vehicle suppliers have been arranged, however, we recommend that any vital and vulnerable components should be brought with you, or available at short notice through your own means.


Is it safe?

With up-to-date local knowledge, we select routes and regions that are secure and stable. Places that welcome the adventurous of heart. For instance, Oman is one of the safest and most stable countries in the Middle East. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos oversees a stable parliament, which has invested the country’s resources in an excellent modern infrastructure. Generally, its citizens have a very warm regard for their leader, and hence Oman was only very marginally affected by the Spring Revolution. In terms of personal security, there are very few places in the world where you will feel safer than in Oman.

The Royal Oman Police, under the auspices of the Oman Automobile Association will provide regional traffic control as appropriate and required by local regulations.

Spoken language

Arabic is the official language, with English commonly used throughout the country. Among our team, we speak English, Arabic, German and French.

Accommodation and hotels

In recent years, Oman has opened itself to tourism, in particular positioning itself as the preferred destination for premium holidays. This is reflected in the establishment of some of the world’s premier companies setting up stunning facilities around the country, especially around the northern sea board near Muscat.

Where a tour includes accommodation, you can expect some of the most exquisite venues and resorts, as well as the beautiful presentation and comfort of desert camps.

Availability of rooms

We will endeavour to give people what they request, however services that have limited availability will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Vehicle classes

We encourage the owners of modern (premium, prestige and super) and classic pre-seventies British, Italian, German and American marques to participate. Ultimately, we relish the participation of pre-seventies classic international marques that represent the best examples of creativity, innovation and class. Selection is at the discretion of the rally organisers.

  • Sports and supercars
  • Premium / Iconic Modern
  • Pre-Seventies

How many cars will participate?

Typically our Grand Tours have between 12 and 50 cars participating.

Each rally entrant will have a driver and navigator. Additional passengers may incur charges to cover costs.

Country road rules

Cars drive on the right-hand-side in Arabia. There’s a wide network of modern superbly engineered roads. Speed limits apply, and Speed Cameras are operational throughout the region. We will provide drivers with documentation supplied by the AA, on road rules and safety in each region.

Driver’s License

A full valid International Driving License will be required for all drivers.



We place discretion, privacy and security as one of the highest priorities for this rally, and have communicated this to all our partners as well. We shall also be working with vetted volunteers and our own on-route support team to provide security for the vehicles when stopped, or kept overnight, if needed.

We will ensure discretion and privacy for all participants should you require this. We will not disclose personal details without your consent. Should media or press want access to the event, we will coordinate our engagements through our media partner. We may ask your permission to share your details with sponsors and other licensees of the event.

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle third party insurance and/or third party insurance and/or comprehensive vehicle insurance is the responsibility of the entrant. Entrants should note that third party property insurance is the entrants’ sole responsibility. Rally Royale has partners with specialist car insurance providers.

Personal accident insurance

Entrants must have personal accident insurance.


Public liability

The Rally organisation does not provide any Public Liability Insurance. Entrants of vehicles which are involved in an accident that results in claims to rectify property damage under these policies will be required to pay the cost of the rectification themselves.

Medical – pre existing conditions

Staff with First Aid medical training will be available during the rally, however it is important that participants are aware that the event travels through areas that are up to eight hours drive from a major population centres where normal medical facilities can be found.

In the case of an emergency, either from a medical condition or as a result of an accident, the Rally Team are only trained as First Aiders, and by necessity do not have all the facilities and equipment of a Hospital.

Therefore it is essential that the Rally organisers are made aware of any pre-­‐existing medical conditions and that any such conditions be stable at the time of commencement of the Rally. Entrants with such conditions should have a letter from the General Practitioner or relevant Specialist, stating their fitness to take part in such a remote and rigorous event.


Air Travel

Drivers will be responsible for their own flight choices and costs.


Passports will be required with at least six months unexpired at the date of return travel. If you hold a full British passport you will not require a visa for this Rally. Please obtain advice from your doctor in good time before participating in the Rally to ensure that no compulsory health requirements apply to you.

International freight

Drivers are responsible for freight between their country of origin and the Rally Region. We can provide guidance on this, and provide lists of service providers.  For freight options including airfreight, check the Rally website for freight options.


Personal video and photography

Entrants may capture video and photographs for their personal use, and also give Rally Royale certain rights to use these as well.

Social media

Entrants will be able to share their experiences, photos and videos via our Facebook page. We believe it’s the easiest way for family and friends to follow your adventure. This can be shared with friends and family who wish to observe progress.

Public social media links:


The Rally and activities are based on an economic minimum number of participants. Should this minimum not be reached before the commencement of the Rally and/or activities it may be necessary to cancel them and refund any monies paid.


The agreement between us incorporating our booking conditions and our confirmation/invoice is governed by the English law and both parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Participation agreement

You will be asked to enter into a participation agreement with us relating to your and our responsibility with respect to the rally.

Special requests

Participants may be requested to attend any Rally Event or Festival, arranged by the organisers during the event.

Can we sponsor the event?

Yes. We welcome sponsorship in four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bespoke. Please ask for more details. (email: info@rallyroyale.com)