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Who is the Oman Grand Tour for?

We encourage drivers with iconic vehicles to join us. The tour will unite luxury classes of prestige, sports, supert and period cars with premium lifestyle experiences. If you love to explore new places, be inspired by culture, history and nature — or you just love driving — then this tour is for you. Above all this is your chance to awaken your senses to all that Oman and the region offers.

What are the Oman Grand Tour routes?

WEEKLONG OPTION. A weeklong tour starting in Muscat. The tour explores the glorious coastal, mountain and urban landscape along the north eastern region of Oman. The event includes briefings, a comprehensive road book, several dinners and entertaining evenings, a mini concours as well as VIP status at the spectacular Grand Gala evening sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism. Plus much more.

WEEKENDER OPTION Thursday afternoon to Saturday night. A weekend of the key events from the main weeklong rally starting in Muscat. This event includes several dinners and entertaining evenings as well as the grand Gala evening sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism. If you only have the weekend free, this option is for you.

3 WEEK OPTION Planned for Autumn 2016, this tour starts in Salalah where drivers collect their cars. The Ministry of Tourism will host our welcoming gala dinner. After exploring surrounding areas, we will proceed north along Oman’s spectacular coastal road. Along the way, we’ll do one night in the desert, a night in Duqm, and then conclude the first leg of our rally on Masirah Island where we will spend two days relaxing and exploring the area, the beaches, and the natural fauna. The second leg of the journey takes us to our luxury camp in the Wahiba Sands Desert. Next day we travel on to Jebel Akhdar, Nizwa and finally to reach the historic city of Muscat where we’ll be introduced to local, regional and international VIPs. We’ll do several tours in and around this unique and varied city. From Muscat we travel to Khasab on the high-speed twin-hulled SeaCat wining and dining and viewing the incredible vista. In the final leg of our journey we will stay in Musandam to sail on a traditional dhow, dolphin-spotting. We then cross the border into the UAE, where classic and luxury vehicles are enthusiastically embraced. We’ll enjoy the high-life of Downtown Dubai, as well as several exclusive activities – high tea in the tallest building in the world for example. The Oman Grand Tour officially finishes in December with its celebratory gala.

How was the route be selected?

The route was rehearsed by Rally Royale’s team who have many years experience of long-distance classic car driving. We selected the final route to meet the following criteria:

  1. Suitability for Grand Touring style vehicles
  2. Maximising enjoyment of driving
  3. Comfortable driving distances (typically not more than 5 hours drive in any one day)
  4. Variety of landscape, road and points of interest
  5. Premium or high quality accommodation and food

When will it happen?

We choose times when the weather conditions are good for driving. In winter the region enjoys moderate temperatures of around 23 degrees with fair skies.

Is Oman safe?

Oman is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the world. Already a popular destination for many Europeans, as well as regional communities such as Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi, it’s a secure and safe haven in the crown of Arabia. Oman has a long and warm relationship with Britain, whose interests in the region ensure additional levels of security for foreign nationals. The Ministry of Tourism will be coordinating logistics on the ground, and both the Oman Automobile Association and Royal Oman Police are fully briefed on our programme. Additionally we have partnered with Quintel Intelligence, the London based security firm who specialise in HNW security.

What is the spoken language?

Arabic is the official language, with English commonly used throughout the country. Among our team, we speak English, Arabic, German and French.

What is the accommodation like?

In recent years, Oman has opened itself to tourism, in particular positioning itself as the preferred destination for premium holidays. This is reflected in the establishment of some of the world’s premier companies setting up stunning facilities around the country, especially around the northern sea board near Muscat. Our tour will include some of the most exquisite 5 star venues and resorts in the world, as well as the beautiful presentation and comfort of desert camps.

What is the food like?

The food in Oman is known for its richness of flavour and variety. Sitting at the edge of the Gulf, Oman has been the cross-roads for many neighbouring regions as well as European and international trade. It’s cuisine reflects a wide range of tastes and aromas, but also adapts to the preference of its many visitors. Like so many other countries in the region, Oman offers international cuisine.

What type of cars are on the rally?

We encourage the owners of premium marques such as  Bentley, Rolls Royce,Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Jaguar to participate, and welcome all pre-seventies classic international marques.

Can we sponsor the event?

Yes. We welcome sponsorship in four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bespoke. Please ask for more details. (email

Who's organising this rally?

The team behind Rally Royale is made up of a core group with breadth and length of experience in long distance rallies, tour operation, project management and marketing, as well as partners and tour operators on the ground in Oman. We have strong links with Omani partners such as the Ministry for Tourism and the Oman Automobile Association who are providing logistical support before and during the event. Meet the team here.