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Oman Grand Tour Recce

24 Nov 2014, Posted by admin in News, Oman Grand Tour, Oman Recce Nov 2014, Useful Info

OMAN, NOVEMBER 18 2014. Recce for the Oman Grand Tour.  Ruba Jurdi, CEO and founder of Rally Royale, together with veteran rally driver Nick Channing, start on the rehearsal tour of the route we planned. The photos below cover the first three days. Nick, who’s seen…

Religious Tolerance in Oman ( Ibadism Islam sect )

08 Aug 2014, Posted by admin in News, Oman, Useful Info

Produced in 2010 by the Ministry for Religious Affairs in Oman,  this video provides an excellent insight into Oman’s religious tolerance. Unique among Arab states, the official state religion is the Ibadism Islam sect, which is held by the majority of the population. A central tenet of this…


07 Mar 2014, Posted by admin in News, Useful Info

As part of our planned Grand Tour in Oman next year, we’re researching the country, it’s people, culture, landscape and commercial environment. Here’s an extract from our friends at the Middle East Association In line with Oman’s ambitious ‘Vision 2020’ economic growth plan which seeks…