Driving equals freedom

Dear fellow adventurer,

Motoring for leisure is one of my all-time favourite activities. I love the sensation of getting in behind the dashboard of a classic convertible or putting my hands on the wheel of one of the world’s top brands. Driving equals freedom for me. Always has. With all my stresses left behind, my head’s clear and thoughts run ahead like a straight tree lined road.

Ruba Jurdi


That’s what driving is about for us. It’s a way to relax, explore and enjoy the good things that life has to offer. By creating Rally Royale, we will give you the same chance to experience freedom, clarity of thought and de-stress from the everyday challenges as we have done.

Through our rallies we aim to bring together a combination of passions for:

  • Vintage and classic pre-seventies cars
  • Prestige and iconic modern cars
  • Health and well-being
  • Unforgettable memories
  • Cultural experiences
  • Building enduring friendships


My earliest memory of driving is being lined up with my sisters in the back of my father’s Chevie. Each term break we would travel back to my beautiful country of origin, Syria, listening to my dad’s full collection by the lebanese singer Fairuz.

When I am asked to recall my experience of cars back then, I have two wonderful memories. My very first drive in my father’s Chevrolet the day I got my licence. I was over the moon (and over one or two curbs). My other enduring memory is of becoming the owner of a beautiful open top Mercedes SL500 few years later. Some of my favourite memories of Kuwait are driving her along the Gulf Road, with wind in my hair and a world of possibilities ahead of me.

In the following years we had the opportunity to participate in more classic car rallies, in the UK, France, Austria, Italy, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. And during this time, I had a chance to get to meet a wide mixture of people with a common interest in the heritage and design excellence of these wonderful machines. I also got to see up close the pleasure that these driving tours give so many people. Not just the drivers, but also people in the street – I never had so many smiles in one day in my life.

Ruba Jurdi
Chief Executive / Founder